Bårelegs Battle Axe Islay Single Malt – The Islay Boys

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Stückpreis: 49,00 EUR
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0,7 l (70 EUR / 1 l)
Lieferzeit: 3-5 Werktage
Hersteller: The Islay Boys Ltd. The Brewery, Islay House Square, PA44 7NZ Bridgend, Isle of Islay, Vereinigtes Königreich
Importeur/ Inverkehrbringer: Alba Import oHG Alte Dorfstraße 33 21640 Nottensdorf, Deutschland
Land: Schottland
Region: Isle of Islay
Whiskytyp: Single Malt
Abfüller: The Islay Boys Ltd.
Alkoholgehalt: 55,7% vol.
Charakteristik: Aroma: kräftiger Torfrauch mit cremigen Gerstennoten

Geschmack: intensiver, direkter Torf, mit großen Schüssen von Gerstenzucker.

Ein reichhaltiger rauchiger Abgang, lang und vollmundig.

Ausbau: refill ex-bourbon casks
Mit dem Namen BÅRELEGS möchten die ISLAY BOYS and Magnus III "Barelegs" erinnern, der als Wikingerkönig im 11. Jahrhundert über die schottischen Inseln herrschte und als erster die Tradition des Kilt-Tragens annahm.
Bårelegs Battle Axe Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a limited edition bottling and the ‘big brother’ of our award-winning Bårelegs Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky, but this time bottled at the close to cask strength of 55.7% vol. - this is the latitude of the Rhinns of Islay, the western peninsula of Islay where we both hail from. This strength gives tremendous power and length to this Battle Axe of a whisky - surely perfect for our Viking warrior forebears! Like all our Scotch whiskies, it is unchill-filtered for much greater mouthfeel and persistance.    
Lords Of The Isles Magnus III “Barelegs”, Viking King of Norway, ruled the islands of Scotland in the late 11th century. He adopted the Highland tradition of the kilt, hence his nickname! His successors were the Celtic Lords of the Isles, who ruled their domain from their base at Finlaggan on our home island, Islay. Fiercely independent, lovers of life and community, we raise a glass to the Lords of the Isles and remind ourselves to live our lives like they did – born of adventure! Boys Of The Isles We, the ‘Islay Boys Ltd’, are Donald MacKenzie and Mackay Smith, from the villages of Port Charlotte and Portnahaven respectively, both situated on the Rhinns peninsula on the west of Islay, the mythical whisky island. We grew up amongst the 8 distilleries on Islay, and in our veins flows not blood, but Islay whisky!